Lifespan of LED luminaires... controversial issue.
To estimate the useful life of a led luminaire, we must take into account many factors , such us, for example, working temperature, hours of continuous ignition, on / off cycles , voltage stability, , (flickering) and many other factors that influence directly on the luminaire and its estimated life.
Another very important fact and to which we must pay close attention is the loss factor of each luminaire. The components used in each device have, granted by laboratory studies of each manufacturer, a loss factor related to the hours of use. Any LED luminaire suffers wear and a loss of performance throughout its life, and this loss is more noticeable when some factors as the above mentioned are present.
There is a large number of brands in the market that offer their products with a lifespan of 50.000 hours ... maybe it's true. What is not specified is in which conditions would that performances be fulfilled..
A luminaire with a lifespan of 50.000 hours should accompany a test report (EMC-LVD) ) indicating the L (loss) it experiences. These factors are labeled L70, L80 and L90. In this way, L70 factor would mean that throughout its estimated life it would have a light loss of 30% with regard to its initial values, an L80 factor means a loss of 20%, etc., but... in which conditions are they going to fulfill that time of useful life??
As I have already mentioned, there are many variables that will decisively influence in the luminaire life and performance, and these factors are often difficult to measure objectively..
Can anyone really ensure that a luminaire will have a lifespan of 50.000 hours with 16 hours of intensive daily use 16 or with constant on/off cycles, , or in extreme temperature conditions, or with important fluctuations in electricity flow?
-, in its range of technical luminaires, certifies a lifetime of 30.000 hours with maximum light loss 20% (L80) throughout its life.
We believe that honesty when publishing technical data must take precedence over the marketing.
We attach a link to a very interesting study on the subject. – Powder René van Gemert (CEO Salescraft / Eco-Tubo)