Yilang Deng Lighting, It sets the 1996, specializing in the manufacture of glass lamps, aluminium and glass recessed trims for wall and ceiling, Indoor LED lighting etc..

During these years it has combined manufacturing for some of the most prestigious brands on the market, customizing products with his image, with the implementation of our own brand YLD worldwide.

Its wide product range covers commercial lighting, professional and technical lighting and home lighting, maintaining and improving day by day with their R & D processes, production, sales and after sales service.

Since 2016 we have the central delegation to Europe based in Valdemoro (Madrid) and from the same implementation of brand YLD addresses throughout Europe, South America and North Africa.

During these years we remain committed to product quality, innovation and global positioning.

Working with first quality materials, going forward and evolving fashions with lamps,, leds, sconces and safe spotlights, not polluting and with a long lifespan.

Our products are already present in more than 100 European countries, U.S, Middle East and Southeast Asia, It is a company renowned for its honesty, product quality, design and after sales service, thereby achieving stable and lasting business relationships over time.

Today we have a sales network of more than 20 people, highly qualified, to assist and serve our customers throughout the Spanish territory.

With a great evolution since our establishment in Spain our products are already present in some of the most important stores and chain electrical distribution and professional lighting.

Our ideal goal is to manufacture and distribute high quality products, and offer innovative solutions to lighting market.

FACTORY | Yilang Deng Lighting .... our factory.

Located in Zhongshan City with more than 3 million and located in the province of Guang Dong, south of the country and close to Hong Kong. Our facilities include an industrial area of ​​more than 14.000 m2 where are located our 5 ships occupying a total area of ​​10,000m work2.

With the latest machinery and advanced to achieve our demanding quality standards, laboratories, independent quality control areas and over 500 employees in engineering departments (I+D), sales, administration, production, logistics and procurement, After sales department, marketing….. definitely, a small town customer service.

Equally committed to the environment our products are based on top quality raw materials such as aluminum 6063 and our production processes have been eliminated all toxic or environmental substances with humans.

Yilang Deng Lighting , a great team of professionals committed to quality, service and innovation.


operational since 2016 YLD headquarters for Europe is in the town of Valdemoro, Madrid.

From this headquarters it is carrying out the process of implementation and development of the brand YLD for Europe, South America and North Africa.

With facilities that have more than 1000m2 warehouse in two heights, 500 m2 of offices and showroom and a laboratory to provide the necessary service to all our customers.

Lighting products


We have certifications:

THIS, ROHS, EMC, LVD and safety report and certificates of conformity issued by

the AGC laboratories.

TÜV on certain items.

EC Euro emissions voluntary compliance with all regulations required.